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Aluminet 50%

Minimum Order Quantity1 Square Metres
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Agriplast Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

Head office :
Agriplast India Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 426/3B-1B, Nallur Village
Opp Nallur Government High School,
Hosur Panchayat Union & Taluk,
Krishnagiri Dist - 635 103
Tamil Nadu

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Aluminet is a perfect solution for extreme summers and winters.Aluminet is a registered trade mark of Polysack and owned by Ginegar,Israel.Aluminet is the best shading solution in the market. It saves the plant from sunburn in the summer and frost injury in the winter. it's guaranteed for 5years against UV degradation, however, we have experience of this net lasting up to 20 years also in India under extreme conditions like New Delhi.Aluminet is made of pure aluminum foil coated with HDPE on both sides. It does four jobs:1. It provides shades2. Twisted yarn of aluminet does diffuse the light towards the plant canopy thus enhancing the photosynthesis.3. It reduces the temperature by 5-7 degree centigrade if spread during the summer days.4. It can keep the plants warmer if spread during the winter nights and prevent from frost injury.Besides agriculture, it also has found effective solutions as terrace cover which cools the house and reduces the air conditioning load.It has also been used to provide shade to the chiller units of centralized air conditioning and this has reduced electricity bills of up to Rs 40,000/- per month.

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Minimum Order Quantity1 Square Metres

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