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Cucumber Soilless Growing Trough

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Agriplast Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

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Agriplast India Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 426/3B-1B, Nallur Village
Opp Nallur Government High School,
Hosur Panchayat Union & Taluk,
Krishnagiri Dist - 635 103
Tamil Nadu

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Soilless Growing Technology:
Trough Planters are imported from Mapal Plastics Israel. Mapal specializes in solutions for the hyroponics growers ,enabling them to collect, re-use and (or) recycle the drainage water and nutrient.Mapal's products are very durable and especially treated to be UV resistant as well as resistant to steam sterilization (MPS) , chemical and acid. 

  • The Troughs are offered in flexible dimensions( Lenght,width ,depth and thickness) suitable for any drainage system and easily assembled to best service the growers needs.


  • Mapal's agro dynamic team develops innovative technology.  Offering the grower high quality,low cost and long lasting , efficient solutions.


  • We are committed to the needs of the soil-less culture growers.

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