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Ginegar Greenhouse Covering Films

Film usage Greenhouse cover Film
Thickness200 micron
Tensile strength at breakMD | ASTM D-882 | MPa | 22.5
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Agriplast Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

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Agriplast India Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 426/3B-1B, Nallur Village
Opp Nallur Government High School,
Hosur Panchayat Union & Taluk,
Krishnagiri Dist - 635 103
Tamil Nadu

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Drip Lock Clear films offered are designed and developed so as to achieve light transmission of 90 % and light diffusion of 25 %. Also, come with the anti-drip finish, these are perfectly suitable to be used for crops with high foliage. Being highly suitable to be used as greenhouse covers, these can be made available in widths 4.5Mtr,5.5Mtr,7Mtr and 9Mtr with a thickness of 200 micron and lengths as demanded by the customers. These films also come extensively tested for Tensile strength at break & Elongation at the break as per ASTM D-882, Tear resistance as per ASTM D1922 and Dart drop as per ASTM D-1709.Features:- Super Strong - UV Stabilized - 5 Layered - Light Transmission 90 % - Light Diffusion 25 % - Anti Drip -AntiDust **BLOG POST** No real surprise, agriculture isn't considered as a rewarding choice since rubbing of the green infrequently goes in a farmers favor. Nevertheless, an out-of-the box thinking could help farmers reap rich harvests and that's what's happened to the group of farmers in Maan, Hinjewadi near Pune. Abhinav FarmersClub, devoted to floriculture and exotic veggies, has revolutionized conventional agriculture via direct advertising by doing away with middlemen. Dnyaneshwar Bodke, interior decorator turned farmer, sowed the seed of the club after he saw a variety of farmers mortgaging their farms against loans with handle their families. He started pursuing them to not sell their land and create the maximum it. Focusing on floriculture and exotic veggies, the group began understanding a thing or two about promoting their products. From a humble beginning, things progressively changed for much better. The process hasnt been a smooth sailing, says Bodke. It had been tough to convince farmers and I'd to be really patient. Things turned worse when they couldnt regain even the manufacturing cost. This made us realize the need to form a group. To comprehend market logistics, Bodke decided to market agricultural products straight rather than relying upon the middlemen. Many farmers had burned their fingers in the standard marketplace set-up. I decided to take the lead. Several years ago, many retail chains were coming up with departmental shops and I began meeting individuals in the business. They agreed to buy fruits and veggies straight from us and pay 30 percent more than the production cost. Nevertheless, there were limits as their obligations could come after 3 months. After that, we began supplying the stuff to hotels and understanding the entire marketing chain. Now, eateries buy veggies from us in large quantities. Organized agriculture has helped farmers rather than only clearing debts, but additionally earning handsomely, claims Bodke. He says that each and every farmer in the group earns about Rs 1, 000 a day. There are farmers who earn Rs 8, 000 to 10, 000 a day. Obviously, we work by the perspiration of our brows. We're ready to work harder. All we seek is that a fair deal. Emphasizing on organic farming, the group focuses 70 percent on floriculture and the remainder on exotic vegetables. Pune, Bangalore and Delhi is our main markets for flowers. We also tried our hands at flower decorations in IT companies. We've handed over packing of veggies, but we didnt get expected returns enterprises. Today, Abhinav farmersclub has 256 members at Pune and 75 groups at Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh. According to Bodke, farming is a lucrative option. It's a vital commodity and will never lose its importance.

General Details

Film usage Greenhouse cover Film
Thickness200 micron
Tensile strength at breakMD | ASTM D-882 | MPa | 22.5
Elongation at breakMD | ASTM D-882 | % | 650
Tear resistanceMD | ASTM D1922 | Gr./mm. | 8500
Dart drop ASTM D-1709 | Gr. | 1200
Diffused light tr .in PAR % | ASTM D-1003 | 25
Width4.5Mtr | 5.5Mtr | 7Mtr | 9Mtr
LengthAs required
Tensile strength at breakTD | ASTM D-882 | MPa | 21.0
Elongation at breakMD | ASTM D-882 | % | 750
Tear resistanceTD | ASTM D1922 | Gr./mm. | 10000
Light transmission in PAR % | ASTM D-1003 | 90

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