Crop Shield Crop Cover 17 GSM White 3.2 mtrs

Crop Shield Crop Cover 17 GSM White 3.2 mtrs

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Product Specification

Crop covers, made of non-wovenpolypropylene material, are used in agriculture for the purpose of protectingthe crops from both biotic and abiotic stresses. Use of crop cover in openfields lead to faster and healthy plant growth, reduced usage of agrochemicals,prolonged harvesting, better fruit quality and opportunity to grow crops duringoff-season also.



Additional Information:


  • Low cost protected the cultivationsolutions for open field farming
  • Protects crops from both bioticand abiotic stresses – mini-greenhouse effect
  • Faster and healthy plant growth
  • Reduced pesticide usage
  • Helps in organic farming
  • Prolongs the harvesting period
  • Increases pollen life
  • Good fruit quality
  • Opportunity to grow cropsduring off-season also
  • Permeable to both air and water
  • Provides diffusion effect
  • Maintains Micro-climate aroundthe plant.

Minimum Order Quantity1 Roll
Brand Agriplast
MaterialNon Woven Polypropylene
Weight (gsm)17 gsm
Width3.2 mtrs
Length625 mtrs
Delivery TimeImmediate
Port of DispatchHosur / Ahmedabad
Recommended forProtection from Insect pests, heavy rains, animal attack, sun burn, frost injuries on vegetables and fruit distance