Banana Covers

Banana Covers

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Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Roll
Brand : Agriplast
Length : 200 mtrs
Width (Tube format) : 31.5 inch
Weight (gsm) : 17 gsm
Colour : White
Delivery Time : immediate
Port of Dispatch : Hosur / Ahmedabad

Product Specification

Crop covers, made of non-wovenpolypropylene material, are used in agriculture for the purpose of protectingthe crops from both biotic and abiotic stresses. Use of crop cover in openfields lead to faster and healthy plant growth, reduced usage of agrochemicals,prolonged harvesting, better fruit quality and opportunity to grow crops duringoff-season also.


  • Protects a banana from extreme heat and cold
  • Prevents scorching of banana
  • Saves cost by minimizing the usage of pesticides
  • Clean banana of uniform size and colour
  • 3-4 kg extra production per bunch
  • More uniform fingers (less gap between upper and lower fingers)
  • Protects from fruit flies and other harmful insects
  • Protects from animals and birds
  • Facilitates the production of export quality banana fetching a good market price.



Agriplast Banana Shield has applied one all the fingers from the banana flowers have emerged.

Make a preventive spray on the fruits and then remove the extra flower a bunch from below the fruit bunch

Cut the appropriate length of the banana shield from the roll

Tie it on the top as shown in the picture.

Minimum Order Quantity1 Roll
Brand Agriplast
Material Non woven Polypropylene
Length 200 mtrs
Width (Tube format) 31.5 inch
Weight (gsm)17 gsm
Delivery Timeimmediate
Port of DispatchHosur / Ahmedabad
Recommended forFor bananas for better quality and higher yield. To protect against sunburn and insect.