Agriplast Delux Silver And Black Mulch Film

Agriplast Delux Silver And Black Mulch Film

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Minimum Order Quantity : 1 Roll
Brand : Agriplast
Length : 400
Thickness (microns) : 25microns

Product Specification

Agriplast silver black mulch film restrains weeds, keep some pests away, and keep soil temperature cool. How to use Silver black mulch film:

1. The upside of mulch colored in silver reflects sunshine preventing plants from pests.
2. The black side of mulch downwards which can block the light, restrain the growth of weeds.
3. Controlling the humidity of the soil, avoiding hardening, and keeping airy.
4. Fertilizer under the mulch will not be washed away by heavy rain or evaporated in air.
5. As is stated above, the roots can be strengthened and the harvest will increase largely.
6. Reducing the fertilizer and pesticide, and not removing weeds so that you can save cost and labor. 

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Roll
Brand Agriplast
Color Silver and black
Length 400
Thickness (microns) 25microns
Width 1 mtr and 1.2 mtr

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