Homebiogas 2.0

Homebiogas 2.0

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Nominal daily biogas (output) : 700 L (upto 2 hours)
Nominal Gas Pressure(output) : 10mbar
Daily Energy (output) : 4.4kWh/15.4 MJ
Fertilizer Produced(output) : Upto 40 L
Sysrem volume : 2.1 m3 Gas Tank
Colour : Black

Product Specification

Homebiogas is a small-scale, off-grid biodigester that converts organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer

Key Features:

  1. High quality, durable material with more than 15 years of life
  2. Easy to install, simple assembly in under 3 hours
  3. High safety – filters, sealed tanks, automatic gas release valve
  4. User friendly, low maintenance
  5. Daily cooking gas generation – up to 6 hours


Benefits of Homebiogas:

  1. Clean cooking solution for improved health and well being
  2. Reduces 6 MT of carbon emission per year per system
  3. Economic savings through self-production of fuel and fertilizer

Volume & Dimensions:

  • System Volume: 2.1m3
  • Gas Tank Volume: 700 L
  • Digester Tank Volume: 1200 L
  • Dimensions: 2.1m*1.15m*1.25m
  • Maximum distance between system & stove: 20 m

InputWaste Max daily kitchen: 6 L, Max daily animal, human manure 40 L
Nominal daily biogas (output)700 L (upto 2 hours)
Nominal Gas Pressure(output)10mbar
Daily Energy (output)4.4kWh/15.4 MJ
Fertilizer Produced(output)Upto 40 L
Sysrem volume2.1 m3 Gas Tank