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Soil Solarisation Film

Shape Sheet
Width of roll8 meter x 500 meter
Thickness25 microns
Distributed By :

Agriplast Tech India Pvt. Ltd.

Head office :
Agriplast India Pvt. Ltd.
Survey No. 426/3B-1B, Nallur Village
Opp Nallur Government High School,
Hosur Panchayat Union & Taluk,
Krishnagiri Dist - 635 103
Tamil Nadu

Product Specification

General Description

Solarization is chemical free method of sterlising soil. It is achieved by raising soil temperature by covering it with thin clear plastic upto 35 microns thickness. Silent points are as follows: This plastic sheet allows the sun's radiant energy to be trapped in the soil hence it is done during the hot period of year when the soil will receive most direct sunlight. When properly done, the top 6 inches of the soil will heat up to as high as 61 degree centigrade. Depending on the location it controls a wide range of soil borne pests, such as weeds, pathogens, nematodes, and insects. Control of soil pests is usually best for organisms found in the upper 6 inches of earth. Solarization leaves no chemical residues and It can improve soil structure by increasing the availability of nitrogen and other essential nutrients for growing healthy plants, as well as controlling a range of pests. Soil solarization also speeds up the breakdown of organic material in the soil, often resulting in the added benefit of release of soluble nutrients such as nitrogen (N03-, NH4+), calcium (Ca++), magnesium (Mg++), potassium (K+), and fulvic acid, making them more available to plants. Plants often grow faster and produce both higher and better quality yields when grown in solarized soil. This can be attributed to improved disease and weed control, the increase in soluble nutrients, and relatively greater proportions of helpful soil microorganisms.

General Details

Shape Sheet
Width of roll8 meter x 500 meter
Thickness25 microns
Port of DispatchEx works Hosur
Production Capacity150 tons per month
Delivery Timeimmediate

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